Long before this podcast was conceptualized, Mike asked his Filipino friends who is doing the most to help the poor of the country. Our guest’s name and his organization came up every single time so Mike did his best to conenct with him. Meet our guest, Reader’s Digest “Most Trusted Filipino,” Antonio “Tony” Meloto. Many of us know him as the founder of Gawad Kalinga, an internationally acclaimed humanitarian movement that aims to end poverty globally, starting here in the Philippines. But he is also a faithful husband, loving father, and an inspiration to millions of Filipinos whose lives he has touched through his works.

If you liked our interview with his daughter, Living Your Purpose with Anna Meloto-Wilk, you will definitely not want to miss this episode. You will find it impossible not to be inspired by Tony’s dedication, compassion, and will to empower the less fortunate and build a better Philippines.

Mike Grogan and Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga

In this interview, Mike and Tony discussed the following:

  • The secrets to transforming slums into beautiful, sustainable communities that benefit all stakeholders.
  • How the concept of Bayanihan can be used to create wealth.
  • The role that the Bible played in the mission and vision of Tony, and, by consequence, of Gawad Kalinga.
  • What the 4 pitfalls of leadership are (3 of them are in the Bible, and the 4th is very intriguing!).
  • How Tony survives without having a credit card and money in his pockets.
  • The importance of finding a partner who shares your values and vision.
  • Why Tony chose to stay a humanitarian and avoided the lure of politics.

Quotable Quotes:

Here are some memorable quotes from Tony and others that were mentioned in this episode.

  • Freedom embodies the very life of my existence which is love, faith, and hope.
  • I value the freedom to serve more than the power to rule.
  • If hasn’t been done before, let’s do it.
  • Less for self, more for others, enough for all. – Gawad Kalinga
  • The biggest achievement is when you learn to empower.
  • By not wanting anything, I feel like I have everything.
  • Sacrifice builds character.
  • Don’t talk about problems, talk about solutions. If you just complain then you’re part of the problem.
  • My love for my country has no term of office.

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