A lot of Filipinos dream of a better life abroad, but our next guest pursued greener pastures by going in the opposite direction: home. After several years of working in Los Angeles, Josh Mahinay decided to come back to the Philippines and start a mission-driven business, BAG943. The social arm of the business, “Bag of Dreams,” has already given 5,000 free school bags to impoverished students in just two years.

What makes the choice to leave his high-paying job even more amazing is that Josh was once a poor student himself. He was able to finish a degree in Political Science thanks to the generosity of friends and relatives. Josh is now paying it forward with his school bag project and helping other kids achieve their dreams. How did a young man with no business background establish a social enterprise? Listen to our podcast and be inspired by our young hero.

Mike Grogan and Josh Mahinay of Bag 943

In part 1 of this interview, Mike and Josh discussed the following:

  • The inspiration behind BAGS 943 and the Bag of Dreams project.
  • Why education helps disadvantaged kids get out of poverty.
  • How to move beyond a “complaining” mindset and create a positive impact.
  • What a young Josh wanted to be when he grew up. (His dream even included his future outfit.)
  • The difference between a vision and a fantasy.

In part 2 of this interview, Mike and Josh discussed the following:

  • Why Josh decided to come back to the Philippines.
  • How his company carefully chooses sponsors.
  • The importance of creating entrepreneurs instead of job seekers.
  • How his generation can take ownership of the country’s future.

Quotable Quotes:

Here are some memorable quotes from Josh and others that were mentioned in this episode.

  • My best compliment was one when a kid told me, “Kuya Josh, this is my first time to own a bag.”
  • Live a life of giving. Live a generous lifestyle, because that is the only way to see a better Philippines.
  • All of us are born with a purpose and all of us have a potential to give something.
  • Make yourself so valuable that others cannot afford to lose you.
  • It is important for people to understand why they want to be successful. The whys in your life is the reason and the purpose of succeeding.
  • People will have opinions about your dreams, but you have to take ownership of your future.
  • Creating jobs is creating opportunities.
  • My search for greener pastures was a journey back home.

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