Even though she is not a Filipino, our guest for today considers herself an adopted child of this country. Her blog, The Art of the Fearless Living, has inspired many men and women who are struggling with issues of parenthood, identity, sexuality and more. Her work with Gawad Kalinga has endeared her to hundreds of people in GK farms whose lives she has touched through her generosity, compassion, wisdom, and kindness.

And now, in this tell-all interview with Mike, blogger Shirley Maya Tan opens herself to us and shares priceless wisdom that can only come from someone who has battled her inner demons and won. Let’s listen and be inspired in this two-part interview.

Mike Grogan and Shirley Tan of Art of the Fearless Living

In part 1 of this interview, Mike and Shirley discussed the following:

  • About power struggles in a relationship
  • What it feels like to have mentors surrounding you.
  • Who Shirley thinks is the embodiment of success. (We’ve had him on the show!)
  • The dangers of self-indulgent consumption.
  • How you can create more joy and love in your life and in the world.
  • The reason why Shirley left the Philippines years ago in 2009 after two years of living here.
  • Shirley’s unique perspective on dealing with adversity from people we love.

In part 2 of this interview, Mike and Shirley discussed the following:

  • How to snap yourself out of depression.
  • The importance of forgiveness especially when it comes to one’s self.
  • The difference between being selfish and loving yourself.
  • How to deal with people who are negative and love confrontations.
  • Shirley’s message for the Filipino people. (If you don’t have time to listen to the whole interview, you should at least listen to this part! 22:54 – 23:55)

Quotable Quotes:

Here are some memorable quotes from Shirley and others that were mentioned in this episode.

  • Let your love be mightier than your hate. Let your dreams be stronger than your fears. Let your hope be invincible. Be led by your greatness always.
  • “None of us are free until all of us are free.” – Emma Lazarus
  • When you have clarity, you can always move forward.
  • Use every challenging situation to refine yourself, to define yourself even deeper or higher and become the best of you.
  • When you are prepared to slay your demons within and free yourself from all these cages, limiting cages, then you are on your way to becoming the best of you.
  • When you have more forgiveness, that also creates more patience.

Your turn!

Are there any limiting beliefs that prevent you from following your greatness? What have you learned from Shirley that can help you free yourself from these inner demons? Share with us below.

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