Pocholo Gonzales is familiar to a lot of Filipinos – not for his face, but for his distinctive voice. At 16, Pocholo got an early start as a voice talent when he won DZMM’s “Radyo, Radyo” contest. He graduated with a degree in BA Speech Communication from the University of the Philippines in Diliman and further honed his craft by finishing his MA in Broadcast Communication from the same university. Pocholo has given life to thousands of dubbed televisions characters and hundreds of commercials. He is also in demand as a motivational speaker, reporter, broadcaster, radio show host and voice-over talent. One of his proudest moments was being asked to lend his voice to the Filipino AudioBible.

Pocholo established Creativoices Productions in 2005 in the belief that the Philippines can become the center for voice excellence in Asia. His company offers Voiceworx workshops for basic voice acting and dubbing. He is also the founder of Voice Care Philippines, a non-profit organization that helps voice professionals like teachers. Pocholo is also a passionate youth advocate. Through his organization, Voice of the Youth Network (VOTY), he empowers young Filipinos to share their opinions on social issues and become a force for positive change. Listen to the podcasts below and get to know the “VoiceMaster of the Philippines.”

Mike Grogan and Pocholo Gonzales of Filipino AudioBible

In part 1 of this interview, Mike and Pocholo discussed the following:

  • The difference between having goals and having visions for yourself.
  • The importance of focusing on your strength.
  • Two important skills to learn so you can succeed
  • The secret of speaking so that others will listen. (Pocholo even gives Mike a demo during the interview.)
  • What Pocholo considers the greatest award he has ever received.
  • Pocholo’s definition of success and happiness

In part 2 of this interview, Mike and Pocholo discussed the following:

  • Pocholo’s advice for dealing with adversity. (And how he discovered the truth about Santa Claus.)
  • How Pocholo discovered his talent for imitating voices.
  • Why Pocholo wants to punch voters.
  • What people should look for in a presidential candidate.
  • How you can create a legacy.

Quotable Quotes:

Here are some memorable quotes from Pocholo in this episode.

  • The problem with a lot of people is they have goals but they have no vision.
  • Our voice is the most powerful tool that we are using. Our voices are not just a gift, but a choice.
  • There is no monopoly on inspiration and motivation.
  • Believe in yourself and you can do everything.
  • When you are happy with what you are doing, money will follow.
  • Success is not for anyone who does not accept change.
  • What you do now will affect what you will become tomorrow, and what you do now is a reflection of what you have done yesterday.
  • If money is the only motivation, I’ll say no.

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