Why would a successful businessman from Australia want to become a Filipino citizen?

Peter Wallace has spent decades in the Philippines, longer than 70% of the country’s young population. A former cadet engineer, Peter first came to the country in 1975 to put up a factory for an American multinational company. In 1982, he established The Wallace Business Forum, a company which has given advisory services to over 150 corporations and aid agencies in the country. His company has been consulted by the Philippine government on foreign investment and policies affecting business.

Peter is also involved in socio-civic pursuits such as the Caliraya Lake Conservation Society and ATRIEV (Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of the Visually Impaired). His opinion column “Like It Is” is published weekly in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and provokes debate on current issues. He and his wife Estee are also avid yachters and wish to spend the rest of their lives in the Philippines.

Listen to this interview with Peter about his momentous decision and the vision he has for his adopted country

Peter Wallace of The Wallace Business Forum

In this interview, Mike and Peter discussed the following:

  • Why Peter wanted to become a Filipino citizen.
  • The great advantage of Filipinos in the world market.
  • What makes a product or service excellent. (The Force is strong in his example!)
  • The Filipinos that has left the biggest impression on Peter.
  • How a good leader handles details.
  • What Peter wants written on his tombstone.
  • Why Peter prefers to get up at 4:00 in the morning.
  • The importance of niche marketing.
  • Peter’s vision for the Philippines and how it can become first world.

Quotable Quotes:

Here are some memorable quotes from Peter and others that were mentioned in this episode.

  • Most of your listeners, I’ve been here longer than them. So in some ways, I’m more Filipino than them
  • Excellence is when you promise something, doing it, and doing it on time.
  • I didn’t come here to stop, I came here to go. – Burt Munro
  • When people get older, they retire, and they sort of sit around and more or less do nothing. Why?
  • You need to have a passion.
  • I don’t think making money is a terribly important thing to do. I think it’s far more important to achieve your goals in life… to be happy in life, to have a good life, not to be rich in life.
  • What it is you’re good at, work on doing that and put everything into it. Heart and soul.
  • Excellence. You can get away without it, but that’s sad.

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