Rags to riches is an accurate description of Arthur Tugade’s life story. Art grew up in a squatters’ area called Tatalon Estates. Despite his impoverished background, he was able to finish Law at San Beda College thanks to his parents’ self-sacrifice and a scholarship. Art is the founder of Perry’s Holding Corporation, the management arm for Perry’s Group of Companies which includes Transglobal Equipment Leasing, Perry’s Technology, ATP Travel, Perryome, Perry’s Farm, Transglobal Trucking, and Transglobal Consolidators, Inc. He is currently serving in government as the president and CEO of the Clark Development Corporation, responsible for managing the real estate of the former US base.

Listen to this public servant’s inspiring story below.

Art Tugade

In this interview, Mike and Arthur discussed the following:

  • How Art was able to overcome poverty.
  • The kind of recognition that Art appreciates.
  • Why perception is important especially in government service.
  • The impact of good parenting and education.
  • How to make a difference by serving the country in government.
  • The importance of reading (And why Art reads 3 newspapers every day.)
  • How Art defines Filipino excellence.
  • Art’s message for his countrymen.

Quotable Quotes:

Here are some memorable quotes from Arthur and others that were mentioned in this episode.

  • Wag kang maging pasaway” – translation: “Never be a bother or a burden on anybody.
  • What is important is that the recognition they give you becomes a model for others.
  • Every day, you must have a hero. Your list of heroes must be a growing list.
  • My situation of poverty were never areas for discouragement. They were areas to aspire to do better.
  • You can make a difference in government.
  • Learning is always mutual.

Your turn!

Arthur’s work in Clark is proof of how political will, integrity, honor and discipline can do for our government. Do you believe that we can achieve First-World Philippines in our lifetime? Why or why not? Share your answers with us i the comment section below.


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