“Getting fit” and “losing weight” are very popular New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, these vows are also the ones that are most commonly broken. If you are struggling to be the “best of you” physically, Chad Davis can help. A wellness coach and triathlete, Chad shares tips for achieving a healthy lifestyle in his blog, primedforyourlife.com. Originally from Australia, Chad and his wife Natasha brought their kids to the Philippines over a decade ago to get a taste of the international life – and decided to stay. Chad’s fitness advocacy dovetails nicely with his career in the local hospitality industry, working with companies such as Shangri-La (Makati and EDSA) and Resorts World.

Listen to the podcast below and find out how you too can be primed and enjoy more of your life.

Mike grogan and Chad Davis

In this interview, Mike and Chad discussed the following:

  • The secret to a healthy lifestyle.
  • How Chad started his fitness journey.
  • The powerful impact of food on health.
  • Who Chad experimented on for his health tips.
  • The importance of being a good listener.
  • Why Chad and his family loves the Philippines.
  • How the US and the Philippines are the same (and not in a good way).
  • The dangers in your fridge and how to identify “bad food.”
  • Why quality is more important than quantity health-wise.
  • The most common arguments against a healthy diet.
  • How Chad plans to convince people (no punching involved.)
  • Chad’s vision for the Filipino.

Links and resources mentioned:

Quotable Quotes:

Here are some memorable quotes from Chad and others that were mentioned in this episode.

  • Make the rest of your life the best of your life. – Eric Thomas
  • When I ate the right food, my energy increased.
  • Malunggay is a super food and it’s cheap.
  • We should have a lifestyle. At the moment, we have more of a deathstyle.
  • Eat the foods that will give you the most energy.
  • The current generation will not live as long or as good a quality of life as the previous generations. We’re dying younger and we’re dying worse.
  • Buy products without ingredients.
  • Eat real food and eat the best quality food you can find.
  • Instead of living to eat, we’re eating to live.

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