Motivationl Speakers Mike Grogan and LLoyd Luna during the interview for the BestOfYou Podcast

Lloyd Luna is a firm believer in the power of following one’s passion. In respect to his parents’ wishes, Lloyd finished a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. After graduation, he decided to follow his gifting as a master communicator instead of pursuing a mediocre career as an engineer. After several years as a newspaper columnist, he became a serial entrepreneur. He founded his first company in 2005: Lloyd Luna Communications, a provider of digital marketing and business development services. He has five other businesses, including a tutorial center and a string quartet.

Lloyd is best known as a motivational speaker and personal development teacher, with a total audience of over half a million people in his career. His television show, “Creative Business,” airs on the Global News Network and features fun-filled interviews with top entrepreneurs. He is also a prolific author with 11 books to date; his works “Is There a Job Waiting for You?” and “Why Good People Fail” are bestsellers. Want to know more about this man of many talents? Enjoy his sense of humor and business advice by listening to this podcast.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why having a rhythm is crucial to Lloyd’s success.
  • How to manage skepticism about life choices (and Lloyd’s experience with his parents.)
  • Why personal development is important and where you can find wisdom every day.
  • How Lloyd was able to write 11 books (and counting!) at such young age.
  • Why Lloyd’s wife is his greatest hero.
  • The secret to being a courageous motivational speaker.
  • What Lloyd learned from his embarrassing moments onstage.
  • The reason Lloyd has no regrets about his past decisions.

Quotable Quotes:

Here are some words of wisdom shared by Lloyd in this interview. Share one or two that resonates best with you.

  • “Your level of success will seldom exceed your personal development.” Jim Rohn [Tweet this!]
  • “If I want to succeed, I should move on with my life working.” [Tweet this!]
  • “Confidence (in public speaking) comes from mastery of yourself, your subject, and your audience.” [Tweet this!]

Lloyd’s vision for the country:

“A country united. A country that spreads love.  A country that cares for its people. A country that gives the next generation the opportunity to solve their own challenges. I hope that the older generation will not leave us with a lot of messy problems to fix. I want the next generation to have fun more rather than spend time solving [problems] more.

I do not envision a country that is so economically rich but where the people feel so unlove. I just want a loving country.”

Join the Conversation:

Lloyd used choosing a college course as his example on how to negotiate with your parents. We know that there’s a lot of you out there who chose your college degree based on your parents’ advice. We’d love to know what your college course and how much did your parents influence your decision in choosing that course.

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