What motivates you? Do you have the right motivation? Ponder on these two questions and more as you listen to Mike read an excerpt from the third chapter of his book “The Rise of the Pinoy: 7 Powerful Lessons of Success from 21 World-Class Filipinos.” This book is now available at all Fully-Booked branches in Metro Manila and Amazon. Grab your copy now!

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Have you seen that Nescafe commercial Para kanino ka bumabangon?” For many Filipinos, their source of motivation is their family. This is the reason why, despite the loneliness and risks of being abroad, many Filipinos try chose to work outside the country as OFWs. They sacrifice so that their family can have better lives. Our previous guests, Rebecca Bustamante and Josh Mahinay are living proofs of that.

We’d like to pose this question to you: para kanino ka bumabangon? (Who do you wake up for?) Who gives you motivation to wake up each day? Share your answers with us!

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