Picture this. You’re in your 30s living in San Francisco in an apartment that is your source of pride and joy. You have a supportive network of family and friends around you as well as a dream job with great employers. There’s really nothing else you could want. You love your life.

Now, think about giving all of these up. Would you?

Our guest for this episode Marie Cavosora, founder and CEO of CalaBoo, did. She sold her apartment to live in an urban ashram with just a tent and a yoga mat to sleep on. She then decided to go on a prolonged leave from work and went on a quest for spirituality and self-discovery.

Why did she do it? What did she find in her quest? What has she learned in her journey? Let’s find out together in this interview.

Marie Cavosora and Mike Grogan | The Rise of the Pinoy
In this interview, Mike and Marie talk about:
  • The distinction between ambition and vision
  • The definition of love
  • Marie’s quest for spirituality, finding God in nature, and self-discovery
  • How money and modern conveniences imprisons a person
  • Practicing gratitude and finding magical moments of miracle in a day
  • Meditation, mindfulness, and how you can apply it in your daily life
  • The importance of having self-worth in becoming a world-class Filipino
  • Balancing kindness with compassion in pursuit of excellence
  • Three questions to ask yourself before starting a social enterprise
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Quotable Quotes:
  • Ambition is for the self. Vision is for everyone. – Tony Meloto
  • Gratitude is the happy pill.
  • A world-class Filipino would be someone who demands excellence and delivers excellence from the self.
  • Go. Your momentous act of courage is gonna take you to places you have never dreamed before.
  • Worry less, love more.
  • You are the master of your life so make sure you lead with love. Tweet this

Marie’s Vision for the Filipinos

“That each Filipino would feel really proud of who they are. To not beg. To not lower their selves and not be so easy. For them to realize that they’re precious. That they just can’t give our selves, give our power away to others and to hold the best for us.

For Filipinos to feel like “Yeah, I’m a proud Fiipino. These are my boundaries. Welcome to my country. I’m going to be warm and friendly to you but on my terms.”

For Filipinos to realize that we are sitting on a goldmine here in our country. We have a lot of natural resources and amazing human resources as well. So we are a wealthy nation.”

Take inspired action!

Marie’s quest to live in the present and become mindful begins with a “slow wake up” morning routine. She takes 10 to 15 minutes every day to pray, give thanks, and remember little magical moments of miracles to be grateful for. Whether it’s a hot shower or a dog coming up to you lick your hand, our day is peppered with small things that we can be grateful for. Our challenge to you is to identify one thing that you are grateful for today and share it with us in the comment section below.

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