Join us in this podcast episode where Mike sat down with Red Ribbon founder Danny Moran in his very own successful restaurant Amici. They talked about the journey behind Danny Moran’s successful run in his venture and what made him decide to leave his promising professional life behind and be an entrepreneur. And also find out how Philippine Mango helped Danny in one of the most challenging parts of his business life.

Mike Grogan with Dr Cris Enriquez | The Rise of the Pinoy
In this interview, Mike and Danny Moran talk about:
  • What is Danny’s turning point in life to becoming an entrepreneur
  • How Philippine Mango change Danny’s life
  • Why he decided to say no to a promising partnership abroad
  • Danny’s experience with Filipino nurses abroad
  • Why does Danny think Filipino people are easiest to work with?
  • Danny’s advice to people who wants to be entrepreneur
  • Danny shares a simple practice that he do everyday
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Quotable Quotes:
  • “The biggest compliment is when you manage to change people’s lives”
  • “You’re building business but in reality, you’re building people’s lives”
  • “Many times we can get lost, whether it’s the business or no matter what you’re doing and sometimes we can get distracted and in the way, that thing that will keep you anchor at the end of the day is a quiet time and prayers”
  • “You don’t know what solution will really work just never give up”
  • “Stick to what you’re good at stick on that and people will discover you”
  • “Be sincere and take care of your people , the more you take care of them the more they will help you”
Danny Moran’s dream for the Philippines

“Filipinos have been successful abroad and more of them are already coming back home and they are beginning to see that no matter how successful people are abroad, Filipinos will always want to come back home. And they have this success factor, Filipinos pick up when they go  abroad and if they can bring back a lot of the learnings and a lot of experience, the expertise, and knowledge that they get outside and if they are able to bring it back home, I say there’s a lot of potential and knowledge that can be brought back to the Philippines”

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