Why managers resist lean training in the Philippines

After discovering about the extraordinary benefits of starting a lean training program in your company in the Philippines, you may have concluded that there is no truly valid argument against implementing lean: The extraordinary benefits of higher output, shorter delivery time, superior quality, reduced cost and engaged employees far outweigh any supposed negatives.

But in the beginning, most of your managers will resist lean training.

You will hear some great excuses like –

  • We don’t have the time to start a lean training program.
  • We have tried lean before and it didn’t work.
  • We are just too busy to implement lean.
  • No one else in the industry is doing it.
  • We are happy with what we are achieving right now.


Now, looking at these common arguments that managers use to resist lean training, did you notice something they all have in common? If you peel back the layers of excuses used to resist implementing lean training in your company in the Philippines, you will discover one word at the heart of all the resistance:


Fear is the ultimate reason why most organizations will never reach their full potential. Fear is the real driver behind people’s decisions to stay in their comfort zone. We fear to leave others behind, we fear the unknown, and we fear what others might think of us. We become paralyzed against taking positive action, and we hide behind a self-created story (inspired by the norms of society) that somehow justifies our inaction. It is the greatest human tragedy – a potential left unfulfilled, a genius that never gets unleashed, a great story that never gets told.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You have a choice.

“You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort. But you cannot have both.
— Brenè Brown

Courage is the willingness to start something new, something unknown, something outside of your comfort zone. It is not just about being confident. Confidence comes from doing something multiple times. Courage is more important than confidence. Courage is about standing up to your fears. It takes courage to start lean training in your company in the Philippines. It takes courage to fight the fear.

Fear is a natural human emotion and it is necessary for our survival. There is no such thing as a fearless person. People who we consider courageous are those who are simply using their own fear in a positive way.

I want you to accept that you will never completely remove fear from the thinking of your managers. Instead, I want you to use fear to your advantage. Be fearful of working in a company in which you do not become the best in your industry. Be fearful of working in a company that is not aligned with your core values. Be fearful of working in a company in which you do not accomplish the great purpose that you were born to achieve. These are the ways that we can use fear to drive us towards excellence. To drive us to realizing that lean is the fast possible route to achieving that excellence we desire.

“Your life should be dominated by only one main fear: Not fully optimizing today. That’s the healthiest fear in the world.” — Tai Lopez

So choose courage! Successful companies do what unsuccessful companies are not willing to do. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Implementing a successful lean training program in your company in the Philippines is the answer you have been waiting for.